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Day 1: Making of a Marine

Recruits are required to stand perfectly still at the proper position of attention. On pick-up day, drill instructors begin the training process that eventually makes this instinctive in recruits.

Day one of recruit training is a very important day for both recruits and drill instructors. The drill instructors have to establish a position of authority and command respect not only with their voices but also with how they carry themselves. The recruits must give them that respect.

Sgt. Fernando Galvan, drill instructor, Platoon 3013, Company L, is quick to correct a recruit who made a mistake. Many drill instructors can turn a pointing finger into a powerful tool that communicates a sense of urgency to recruits.

The first time recruits meet their drill instructors is a formal process. Introductions are made, and speeches are given.

But once all the standard speeches have been made, the real training process must begin.

The drill instructors receive the command – the command everyone has been waiting for. “Drill instructors take charge of these recruits and make them Marines.”

It is this command that unleashes a power – a sense of urgency, speed and intensity within the squad bay that has what seems like the chaos of a tornado.

Sgt. Shevor McCloud, drill instructor, Platoon 3013, Company L, screams orders at a nervous recruit. Drill instructors are trained to present a high-stress environment for recruits in order to instill discipline and confidence, especially in the early stages of training.

This will be a long, stressful day for the recruits, and it’s only the first of a 12-week cycle. This is just the beginning.

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