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Recruit field day – a Sunday ritual

Mops, brooms, brushes, brass cleaner, and countless mixtures of cleaning solutions. These items are the tools recruits use each week to ensure that their squad bays are cleaner than the day they were built.

Following religious services each Sunday, recruits assemble back at their “homes” for the weekly field day and following a quick sweep of the floor with their “scuz” brushes, the chaos of cleanup begins.


Drill instructors from Platoon 2018, Echo Co., 2nd RTBn., conduct a quick inspection of their freshly-mopped squadbay following field day Sunday.

In an example of teamwork, dozens of recruits scatter to their designated areas, which are often determined by their squad leaders and the hour-long process starts.

Footlockers, shoe displays and any other items found on the deck are quickly and orderly tossed up on each bottom rack. Almost instantly, another group of recruits make their way down the aisles, spreading water and cleaning solutions in preparation for mop recruits to come through.

Once the decks are complete, windows are wiped down and footlockers and shoes are quickly and carefully placed back in their positions by each rack. The racks are then tightened and inspected to make sure each sports a perfect, 45-degree-angle fold.


Recruit Richard Ledford, Platoon 2018, Echo Co., 2nd RTBn., fixes a fellow recruit’s shoe display during field day Sunday. Recruits must have their shoes, boots and footlockers perfectly aligned prior to field day inspection.
With time running out, a drill instructor informs the platoon that five-minutes of field day remains. With that warning, recruits rush around the squad-bay making sure that each little detail is complete and to ensure that all cleaning gear is properly stowed in its correct location in the gear locker.

At the two-minute warning, some members of the platoon take one last sweep of the squad bay and while others hurry back to their respected racks to get on line.
After a quick, but thorough walk through by the drill instructors, the chaos of field day is complete … until next week.

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